Animation Uses

Animation definitely adds an incredible aspect to your logo and the overall appearance of your brand, but it is useful to know the more common applications of your animation. If you’re wondering how you can use your fresh new animation, here are some suggestions.

VIDEO INTROOne of the most common uses we have seen for animations is for them to be used to introduce or head a video. This adds an air of professionalism instantly to any video and assures viewers to the legitimacy of your brand.

VIDEO OUTRO– similar to an intro, an outro can delight your viewers and leave them off with a positive recollection of what they just watched.

INSTAGRAM– Posting your animation on social media is a great use of your animation. It catches people’s eye and lends an interesting and fun hook for getting more followers or simply engaging with present followers. You can view an example of this here.

FACEBOOK– Utilizing your animation for your Facebook cover video really adds a completely new dimension to your social media presence. Instead of a plain picture, visitors to your profile will be immediately greeted by your custom logo animation. The thing to note with this option, though, is that you will need to create a loop of your animation as Facebook requires a slightly longer video for the cover video. Here‘s an example of the application of this use.

SITE Finally, the most basic use of your animation is simply to apply it in your personal website. Adding your animation on the bottom of a post or page really polishes up the page and adds that extra ribbon that your site visitors will love.

*Please note that although animations can be used on many social media platforms, LinkedIn does NOT allow animations or GIF files to be used at all.